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Author: Michael Moloney

Is baptism a washing away of sin or purely a rite of admission to the Christian Church?

The Holy Sacrament of Baptism – Before St Augustine, Baptism was received by adults as a rite of admission to Christianity and there is no mention in the Bible of Original sin. Progressive theologians think St Augustine was mistaken to teach that all babies inherit Adam and Eve’s sin by having been conceived in lust.  […]

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Why is the Church bedevilled by Paedophilia?

Original Sin – In his autobiographical Confessions, St Augustine of Hippo wrote of  “filth” and “the itch of lust” in infants.*  He saw wickedness in babies and in his Answer to the Pelagians, he wrote “Who is clean from filth?  Not even an infant who has lived one day on earth.”** Generally, we see babies […]

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