Michael Moloney tells the story of how, as a vulnerable altar boy, he was psychologically and physically abused by Catholic priests. He traces the origins of clerical abuse all the way back to one of the most influential of Church Fathers, Saint Augustine of Hippo. This book fills a gap in the shelf, lifting the lid on a story of abuse and religious indoctrination which continues to this day.

4 thoughts on “WHY PUNISH ME

  1. Karl French, Literary reviewer says:

    This is potentially of interest to anyone concerned with how we grow up, how we are shaped, and how the way that young people are drawn into whatever religious faith into which they are born, how this supposedly, avowedly benign process is enacted can have deeply malign effects on the individual and so on society in general.
    It tackles – head-on – an important and pressing subject. it’s vital stuff. It’s about how we safeguard young people, how we grow up, how we interact with others.

  2. David Walton says:

    Michael Moloney’s private perspective marks a milestone in religious critique. This book shows that the link between Christianity and paedophilia is probably less tenuous than we imagine.

  3. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Awesome how far Augustine’s tentacles of guilt and sinfulness reach. Alone among the world’s civilised nations, Britons are allowed to physically punish children because bishops sitting in the House of Lords advocate it.

  4. Richard Wilby says:

    I find your description of Christian education bizarre and offensive and your attempt to restrict our faith a danger to our traditions and dearest beliefs. You obviously need to seek help and assistance to overcome your present attitude and achieve a more balanced and generous view of religious faith and those who abide by it.

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