Was Christianity's greatest saint a paedophile?

Former acolyte Mike Moloney’s upcoming book
, The Crux of Sin, suggests Church rites and rituals play a subtle role in clerical child abuse

In the fifth century Christianity’s greatest saint, Augustine, reframed the rite of Baptism to cleanse children of concupiscence (sexual sin).  What we call paedophilia in our age was normal in St Augustine’s time and locus.1  His now offensive writings of ‘lust’ and ‘filth’ in infants2, 3 mirror the words of convicted paedophiles.

30% of UK state schools and most private schools are Christian.4  Today two million children are ritually taught to confess contrived guilt. They are told to beg forgiveness and mercy, often by a cleric.5, 6  The NSPCC stipulates guilt and shame, used by a figure of authority, as a form of child sexual grooming.6

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  1. Sex between men and pubescent boys was culturally acceptable in the time and locus of St Augustine. Click ‘About’ tab for further information.
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All claims made above and throughout this site are evidence based.  Supporting materials, documents and sources are comprehensively cited and referenced in the book, The Crux of Sin: How rites and rituals mark our young