Michael Moloney

The Crux of Sin – Public Forum


New book launch: summer 2020

The Crux of Sin – Why Christianity is bedevilled by paedophilia.

Genre: Non-fiction; Category: Sociology of Religion; Subject: Clerical child abuse

Written by an insider, The Crux of Sin lances Vatican sanctimony to ‘pop’ the sinful theology underpinning Christian Faith and afford new insights into clerical paedophilia.   If you have ever wondered why child abuse infests religious institutions you will be astonished by the evidence laid out in Michael Moloney’s forthcoming book, which suggests a, perhaps unconscious, motivation.

Data sourced from Commission reports and criminal records, and communications including Dark Net Internet traffic, are drawn together to show a statistically significant correlation between paedophilia and the spread of Christian belief worldwide.  Here’s what happens to children inculcated with Augustinian guilt and shame, when clerics believe that babies are born already stained with carnal sin and the abusers have a Canonical right to God’s secretive forgiveness.

With vignettes from the author’s extraordinary upbringing and indoctrination giving key insights into the cloistered workings of the Catholic Church, this book will be instructive to anyone struggling to understand why Christianity is infested with peadophilia. It will be indispensable to those concerned with child protection.