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Michael Moloney and St Augustine’s sin

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I spent my formative years closeted in a Roman Catholic community, and attended a series of Catholic homes and boarding schools. Reading about the obfuscation of the Vatican in response to the disclosures of clerical child abuse, I thought back to my childhood and the instruction I received in Christion rites and rituals. Existing literature offers peripheral rationalisations for clerical child abuse, while my recollection of Church drill and doctrine points to an elephant in the ecclesiastical room.

From the time I could hold a pen I have kept a diary, and my early journals provided a good starting point for laying out the evidence with the authenticity and authority of someone thoroughly involved in the Christian community. With the Vatican decrying critics of the church as ‘Friends of the Devil’, I felt obligated to use my fusion of life experiences to report my observations of the effects of Christian indoctrination on the minds of susceptible clerics and impressionable young people. The resulting carefully marshalled evidence contained in St Augustine’s sin is difficult to ignore.

Recovery from Catholic guilt and culpability has been a life long journey for me. I hope the insights I can offer will help illuminate discordant beliefs and assist other apostates who may be disturbed by feelings of guilt or shame.

Note: Michael Moloney is a precautionary pseudonym.