Michael Moloney

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Michael Moloney and St Augustine of Paedo

My childhood was spent closeted in a Roman Catholic community, and in the wake of parental sectarian alienation, I attended a series of Catholic presbyteries and boarding schools. Reading about the obfuscation of the Vatican in response to the disclosures of clerical paedophilia, I thought back to my childhood and the abusive encounters I had witnessed.  Existing literature offers rationalisations for sexual abuse, while my recollections of religious rites and rituals expose an ‘elephant in the ecclesiastical room’.

My early diaries and journals provided a good starting point for laying out the evidence with the authenticity and authority of someone thoroughly involved in the Christian community.  With the Vatican decrying critics of the church as ‘Friends of the Devil’, I felt obligated to use my fusion of life experiences to illustrate the potential effects of Christian indoctrination on the minds of susceptible clerics and impressionable young people.  The resulting carefully marshalled evidence contained in St Augustine of Paedo is difficult to ignore.

From the time I could hold a pen I have been an avid writer, and I am fortunate to be an active member of a successful local writing group. During my career I published many technical guides and service manuals and I have won several community awards for my writing. Married with three grandchildren provided by two gorgeous daughters, I live in Petworth, West Sussex.

Recovery from Catholic guilt and shame has been a life long journey and I hope the insights I can offer will help illuminate discordant beliefs and assist other apostates overcome any sense of guilt.

Note: Michael Moloney is a pseudonym.