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Michael Moloney and The Crux of Sin

The cant being broadcast to explain away the worldwide clerical child abuse scandals is deeply troubling. I hear platitudes offered while the ‘elephant in the ecclesiastical room’ is ignored. Friends persuaded me to write a book and my early diaries and journals provided me with a good starting point for laying out the evidence.

My boyhood was spent in a series of Catholic presbyteries and boarding schools providing me with rare insights into the workings of Church institutions. I was an alter server from the age of seven and later a chorister. I still sing in my local church choir. My forthcoming book uses these sources to explore the influence that Christian doctrines concerning Original sin and Penance might be having on child sexual abuse.

As well as contributing to a specialist magazine, I am an active member of my local writing group. During my career I published many technical guides and service manuals and I have won several awards for my writing.

Note: Michael Moloney is a pseudonym.